Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



One of the things I love about this universe is that nothing is random. The interactions we experience are there because it is meant to be. Even our dreams are not accidental. They are filled with the insight and knowledge that our minds don’t listen to during the hectic pace of our day. It is only in the quiet of sleep that we can hear, and see messages that we need. Today’s card, Dreams, asks us to pay closer attention to the guidance we are being given. Dreams are answers to questions that sometimes we are not aware we have asked.

Today’s Universal NumberĀ 

We are finishing out the month with a three energy day. Today may have a light, creative air that will help us move easily through the day, get things done and have some fun doing it.

Today’s Crystals

Clear Quartz accompanies today’s card because of its ability to clear negative energy and expand our awareness. Quartz is a communicator, a receiver and transmitter of energy and knowledge. A good choice to aid dream recall.

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