Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



To children the world is a magickal place full of excitement and wonder. Remember summer days lying in the grass watching bugs go about their business, then turning over and looking at the shapes clouds make as they float across the sky? It was easy to see the magick in a tree or a flower when we were young. Today’s card, Enchantment, asks us to open ourselves and let a bit of that child like awe back into our lives. We get so caught up in responsibility that we forget to notice all the amazing things around us. A flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk knows it might get trampled but just wants to bring beauty to our day. A bird nesting in a tree or on a roof shares her song and it lifts our spirits; then there are the clouds urging us to look up and slow down. Life can be frustrating and complicated, but if we remember to see it with the eyes of our inner child it can be enchanting too and that might make it a little less hard. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today is a new beginning, a one day with its drive to start something new and innovative. Be assertive but not aggressive. Go ahead and take the lead. With an open heart and eyes that see the magick around us we are able to open possibilities we might not have otherwise seen.

Today’s Crystals

Today we have an interesting form of Calcite called Fairy Stone. It can only be found in a couple of places on Earth, Canada being one of them. The Fairy Stone is kind of like ancient cement; it started out in liquid form and as it flowed or dripped from above, formed these unique bubble shapes. Native Americans use them for good luck. Fairy Stone is a good choice for meditation and channeling that is grounded. They bring prosperity, help heal trauma and can be used for protection and staying connected to our Earth Mother.

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