Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

Nine of Earth

When a friend or family member gifts us with something unexpected we often find ourselves saying “Oh no that’s too much.” We generally accept the item given to us with love because we don’t want to hurt the givers feelings, but we sometimes feel undeserving of the generosity. Accepting something for nothing is not an easy thing to do, we grow up believing we must do something to earn what we receive. The Nine of Earth came to let us know that today is a good day to open our hearts and gratefully accept what comes to us. By accepting what is offered and enjoying it without guilt we tell the universe that we understand we are deserving and that everything in life is a gift to learn from and enjoy.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s Universal Number is two. With today’s energy of cooperation and diplomacy it’s a day to be patient, kind and seek peace, not push boundaries. We need to be honest and speak our truth but we can do this without being confrontational.

Today’s Crystals 

Today we have Aventurine and Citrine. Both bring abundance to us with their energy. Aventurine opens up opportunities for manifestation. It is known as the stone of luck. Citrine is also a crystal that will draw money. Putting a piece where you keep your money will help increase your finances.

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