Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Queen of Swords

The decision making process can be a difficult one. When a decision involves other people, choices must be carefully considered for both the sort and long term. A hasty, poorly made choice could have devastating consequences that may be impossible to make right again. The Queen of Swords came with the message that we may be facing an important decision today. She sits on her crystal throne, holding a sword skyward. Yes, she is the Queen but she also has the right to make the final decision. This card represents maturity, the ability to make thoughtful independent decisions based on fact alone. The look on her face is saying she will not be fooled. The clear dark sky behind her hints at the depth of her insight and also the burden that being in charge may hold. Sometimes decisions must be made based on the facts presented. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care. It means that we care so much that we want to know we are making the best choice for everyone involved. Have a good day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

How interesting that today is a Six day. A day when our energy is focused on relationships and the responsibility that goes along with them. Today we may find ourselves working to create balance and harmony in our work and home relationships. This can be done by making the most loving and thoughtful decisions we possibly can.

Today’s Crystals

Today we have Moonstone and Iolite. Both help us access wisdom. Moonstone is a crystal that helps us tune into our intuition and is also a good talisman for protection. Iolite is introspective and helps us make mature decisions based on good judgement through the lessons that the experiences of our lives bring us.

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