Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Three of Wands

Being confident and committed to our plans doesn’t mean we won’t worry over a detail now and then. We know there will be challenges to overcome, but when we have done the work fear is not a part of the picture, confidence is and we are determined to see our plans flourish. The Three of Wands is our card today. It suggests we can be assured that things are moving forward well and now is a time to look for opportunities to expand. Just as the figure stands high over the harbor, with his staffs firmly in place and taking root, he looks to the far horizon and see possibility. Whatever our future is, whether it’s to take our plans in a new direction, to travel or learn a new skill we can be satisfied that the results of our hard work will be amazing.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s Universal Seven energy may find us wanting to take some time for ourselves. Sevens energy is spiritual, reflective. It seeks insight and knowledge. This would be a good day to take a walk, meditate or read a good book. Time alone will let us reflect, connect and look forward.

Today’s Crystals 

Carnelian is today’s choice for its ability to help balance the focus and inspiration needed to see dreams become reality. Carnelian has a creative energy. This crystal will attract people and circumstances to us that can help take our vision from idea to completion.

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