Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Six of Swords

Walking away is never easy. Whether it is a relationship, a job, or a project that we have worked on. We know that letting go is for the best but the investment of our time, our emotion, and passion for whatever we are leaving makes it difficult. Today’s card, the Six of Swords, speaks of change, a journey perhaps and letting go. The card depicts a parent and child being ferried across a body of water. In front of the parent is a small bundle of belongings. The Mother or Father is covered by a cloak hinting of sorrow or regret. The water to the right of the boat is rough, to the left calm and pleasant. This symbolizes moving forward into a better life and positive future. The six swords standing upright in front of the passengers symbolizes the strength of mind and reason over emotion. To release what isn’t for our highest good in order to find what is may not be easy, but sometimes doing that difficult thing is the best in the long run.

Today’s Universal Number

Universally today is an eight day, sharing its strength, power and balance. Beyond that today and tomorrow is special because of the day itself. We have the ninth day of a universal nine month in a universally nine year. A triple nine! This is completion X3. I found it intriguing that the Six of Swords was today’s card. Today we have the strength and the power to seek the new, to walk away if we must, to a better brighter future.

Today’s Crystals

For letting go and moving on we have Rutilated Quartz and Citrine. Rutilated Quartz helps us heal after a loss. It helps us move forward by going deep within, getting to the root of a problem then letting us move forward and heal. Citrine will lift our mood and with a positive attitude we can go with the flow allowing us to let go and move on. Both crystals are a type of quartz, so they hold the energies of that as well. They will clear negative energy, give us a needed boost of positive energy, and help us heal.

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