Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


King of Cups

Understanding and controlling our emotions can sometimes be a challenge. We often don’t want to deal with feelings of anger or pain so we stuff them to the back of our mind and try to forget. That doesn’t really work though does it? Anger and pain not accepted or forgiven always come back, and when they do it disrupts our lives and causes us more pain. Today’s card is the King of Cups, a mature, compassionate and kind man, he is the master of his feelings. His throne is made of grey stone which indicates a solid foundation and it rests safely in a rough sea that represents our unconscious mind. Our King wears a fish amulet around his neck which is a symbol of spirit, creativity, and balance between the conscious and unconscious. He is in full control. Behind him a fish breaches the surface of the water and a ship is sailing calmly through the rough sea, both showing his ability to acknowledge his feelings and maintain a balance in his life. The message of this card is to remain calm in the face of challenges and negativity today. We need to set clear boundaries as to what is and is not acceptable emotional behavior. This will allow us to work through an issue now rather than bury it. The King of Cups can also represent a man coming into our lives that will be a help to us. He will be an older man, kind and compassionate who may be a business man, a lawyer or a spiritual person. He has a quiet power and a loving nature that commands respect and gets things done. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a four and it’s a day to get down to business and get things done. Four love discipline and structure so we may find ourselves wanting to get things in our lives organized or reorganized.

Today’s Crystals

To work with the emotions we have Rose Quartz and Citrine. Rose Quartz is a crystal that is all about love, nurturing and healing emotional wounds. Citrine gives us an emotional boost and helps use tap into our creativity.