Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Five of Wands

Life is always going to have some amount of change or conflict for us to deal with and it appears that today is one of those days. We have the Five of Wands hinting that we may have to deal with some kind of issue today. But no worries here, breath, this is not as bad as we may think. At first glance the scene on our card appears like a violent conflict but when looking close there is no aggression behind this battle. The staves of the young men are sprouting, indicating growth and forward movement. Each man is dressed differently telling us that they are of different backgrounds or beliefs. This card suggests that these men are working toward the same goal but they can’t agree on how to reach it. When there is a common goal, it’s a short leap from chaos to an orderly sharing of options and an agreed course of action that works for all involved. If there is someone leading the way. Whether its in our work or personal life, we may need to be the voice of reason that keeps everyone focused on the end result. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a high energy day. We have 33/6 radiating qualities of support, responsibility, creativity and joy for everyone to access.

Today’s Crystals

Being a day of potential conflict resolution I chose Amethyst and Carnelian to give us courage, strength and the clear focus to work it out.