Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Moon

We all have a dark side, a place within us that is instinctive. A place where fear, insecurity, anxiety, and anger live. Left unchecked these darker parts of ourselves can come out into the light and cause havoc in our lives. We may even project these feelings into our future, taking our potential and shutting it down before it has an opportunity to manifest. Today’s card is The Moon and she speaks to us about the balance of light and dark. The moon is a reflection of the sun and provides us with light, but it’s dim and we can’t always see what’s in the shadows.
The card shows a crayfish crawling out of the water onto a path. The water represents our subconscious, the crayfish is the beginning of our conscious self and represents those darker aspects of who we are. The dog and the wolf are our light and dark side, our tame and primal nature. The path is our journey, it winds through the valley, past the towers of light and dark and continues on into the mountains of higher consciousness.
We may be feeling a little lost today or facing a change in our lives and we aren’t sure where we are going. We may even be wondering if we are even on the right path. Take heart, the moon’s light may be dim but she gives us the gift of intuition to light our way. We need to listen to our intuition and release the blocks and negative thinking that is not helping us move forward. Dealing with our dark side will help us find the light. Have a good day.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day and we are seeking knowledge and trying to understand ourselves and our world. It might be a good day to give ourselves a time out and meditate, take a walk and reflect.

Today’s Crystal

We have an amazing stone today, it’s quartz based and is all about balance. It’s a Shiva Lingam. It comes from India and among its other characteristics this beautiful stone helps us through the stages of our growth by breaking up the old unwanted patterns and opening the way to a new life.

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