Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Partnerships & Alliances

Good Morning All! I trust you had a good week. The card that came today is Partnerships and Alliances. This card is telling us that things could be heading in the right direction for us, we may be seeing the hard work we have been putting in start to pay off. There might still be work to do, but this is a card of partnerships so there might be an opportunity today to form an alliance, whether short or long term, that could help us. Keep an eye out, a future partner could be anywhere. We need to keep in mind that in any kind of relationship there must be an equal amount of give and take. When one side is all give without receiving in return, problems will not be far behind. Stay safe and see you next Monday!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s number is nine. This is a high energy day for us, and we can use this to finish up anything we need to get done.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest draw.
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