Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Fool

Life is one massive leap of faith, we can prepare all we want but when it comes down to the leather hitting the road, the outcome can be awesome or an epic fail. Either way we’ve learned something and we were brave enough to make the leap. Today’s card is special. The Fool is a part of the deck but doesn’t have a set place in the Major Arcana because of his number. I’ve never discussed the numerology of the Tarot with you. Each card has a number that does have a meaning along with its other symbolism. Zero is complete, a beginning and an end. The young man is setting out on a journey. The angle of the sun tells me he is traveling northwest into the unknown, a new beginning. He has a white dog for companionship, a white rose in his left hand, and the sun is also white. These symbolizes protection and spiritual enlightenment. With his supplies tied safely to his staff he lifts his head as if in prayer as he prepares to take that last step, his leap of faith. At this point he can still turn around and go home to where he knows he is safe, but he chooses to take the risk and go on. Is he prepared for what is coming, maybe, maybe not, that question is part of the leap isn’t it? We may find ourselves on the edge of the unfamiliar territory today, facing change that we may not feel completely ready for. A possible move to a new home, a new job, a new relationship. This is a card of leadership, change and new beginnings. Something new means leaving the familiar and the safe. Are we willing to take a risk and make our leap? Have a fantastic day!

Today’s Universal Number

It always amazes me how well the universal energy aligns with the days card. Today we have the one energy to work with. The cycle begins and we are bold, confident and ready to take on anything that comes at us today. There may be some big decisions to be made, so we need to be honest with ourselves and everyone else, then take the leap and see what happens.

Today’s Crystals

The crystal today is Yellow Calcite. Meditating with this crystal opens us up to divine love. It is a good stone to fill us with hope and optimism for the future.

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