Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Hanged Man

Sometimes life brings us to a point where we need to hit a pause button and think for a while. Today’s card is that pause button. At first sight The Hanged Man stirs up thoughts that we’re in trouble but remember there are no bad cards. The symbolism of this card is interesting. Most obvious is the man himself. He is suspended by one foot from a tree which looks like a cross. His other leg is crossed behind the leg he is hanging from. His arms are held behind his back. Our man wears red pants, representing human passion, a blue shirt for knowledge, and yellow shoes for high ideals. Around his head is a halo showing his spiritual growth. His face is very calm, he is not worried or in any kind of distress. His eyes are open suggesting he is looking at the world from a different point of view.

The Hanged man is about, release, taking time, and achieving higher goals. Perhaps this is what we may need to do today. If we are not sure that our planned course of action is what we should be doing, then hit the pause button and look the plan from a different point of view. Even if it’s urgent, taking some time might give us space to find a better way to proceed. We may even see that, even though we are passionate about our project or idea, the facts tell us we need to let go of it altogether. By releasing what isn’t working we give ourselves the space to accept something better. It’s not always the easy course of action, but in the long run, usually the better one. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a Four day. It’s a day to be practical and take care of business. A day for getting organized so we are prepared for what is coming next.

Today’s Crystals

Flourite is the crystal choice today. Life gets confusing sometimes and this beauty will help us gain some clarity. This crystal forms in many colors, each having different characteristics. Rainbow Flourite helps us be flexible, to think freely and clearly. Flourite is a good choice for protection and to help heal the aura.

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