Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Hierophant

Life is full of instances where we must conform rather than stand out or follow our own personal beliefs. Sometimes this is by choice like our job or religious preferences, other times it is not. We may find ourselves in a situation like this today as our card is The Hierophant. This card is about group identification, conformity, traditions and belief systems. The Hierophant is represented by a religious figure wearing the symbols of his authority. On his head is an elaborate three-tier crown. His right hand is the sigh of a benediction, two fingers facing up and two down, manifesting the power of heaven here on earth through society. In his left hand is the sceptre of office, a three-tier cross at the top symbolizes his dominion over the three worlds. Directly in front of him are a set of crossed keys which represent the conscious and unconscious mind unlocking the mysteries of life. Before our Hierophant are two men being inducted into the organization. It is his job to prepare them well so they can carry out their duties.

For us this card indicates that today may not be a day to challenge the status quo. We may want to go off and follow our bliss, but the wiser choice may be to do what is expected of us under the circumstances. We may find ourselves involved in some sort of group activity like a religious function, a work related meeting or even a family activity. By allowing ourselves to be flexible and accept the situation we could open ourselves to a new way of thinking that creates a positive change in our lives. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today our universal number is Five and it is a day to be flexible and enjoy the variety that life has to offer. Be open to a change or a surprise today!

Today’s Crystals

I chose the Fairy Stone today for its ability to keep us grounded and practical. This is a great stone to meditate with and is very nurturing so this stone a good one to use for protection.

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