Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Know – Do – Grow

I shuffled the cards today and The Hermit came for us. Since this was also yesterdays message I decided to expand the information for today. This is a smaller version of my pyramid spread and asks, What does the seeker (Us) need to know? What do we need to do in response to this knowledge? And finally how will this help us?

Know: The Hermit asks us to seek the knowledge and guidance we need before moving forward toward whatever our goal may be.
Do: The Fool asks us to take the knowledge and guidance we gained and take the leap of faith in to the unknown. Any new endeavor can be scary, but grounded with guidance and knowledge we can be brave and take the leap.
Grow: Six of Staffs tells us that the outcome of our efforts will be successful.

Universal Day Number

Today we have 44/8 is the Master Healer bringing in harmony and balance. This is a good energy for today, and will help us move on and take our leap.

Today’s Crystals

I chose Carnelian to help us find the guidance and knowledge that we need to make wise decisions before we leap!

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