Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Lovers

During any given day we make hundreds of decisions. Some are fairly insignificant while others hold more importance for us. The thing is that every choice we make, big or small, has some king of consequence, and this is where our card comes in. We have The Lovers today. On the surface this card hints of a loving relationship and passion, this would not be totally incorrect. That is a possible meaning, but this is a Major Arcana card so this cards message goes deeper into the area of communication, choices and long-term consequences.

We have the lovers standing before each other in a lush garden representing life and happiness. The man looks at the woman; behind him is a plant with flaming flowers symbolizing his passion and desire to love and care for her. The woman may also feel this but is looking away, suggesting her thoughts may be elsewhere. They stand beneath an apple tree with a snake moving through the branches. This brings to mind the Garden of Eden and the fall from grace that a decision caused. The angel suggests healing and guidance. Our angel wears a purple cloak, the color of royalty and a symbol of how important communication is to any relationship. The sun gives warmth and life.

When this card comes up it generally means that there is an important decision to be made. Today we must be careful to think of long-term when making choices that affect not only us but others. Lets talk about decisions with the people who are involved so that everyone understands what is at stake. Having to decide between the right way or the easy way is a test of our character isn’t it? Doing what is right may take us on a longer, more difficult path, but in the long run the result will be much more satisfying. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today is about choices and we have a One Day to help us get started. It’s a new day and a new beginning so let’s think carefully, be bold and forge ahead with confidence.

Today’s Crystals

For making important decisions Amethyst and Flourite are good choices. They are both good third eye crystals and will help us see what is important.

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