Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Eight of Swords

We sometimes find ourselves trapped and isolated by circumstances of our own creation, resulting in a negative outlook followed by the idea that we will never be free. This is where today’s card, the Eight of Swords, comes in. The woman feels isolated. Her destination is on the hill behind her, but she is making no attempt to get there. She has her eyes covered and is surrounded by swords indicating that this is a mental prison. The cloudy sky tells us that the woman is sad and feeling like there is no hope. There is of course, all our lady has to do is remove the blinders she created and see there is a way out.

Today we may be feeling backed into a corner and powerless by a situation that we created. Perhaps we don’t even realize that we had a hand in creating this predicament yet. We’re human and we sometimes do that. Whatever the circumstances are, the solution will be found by using our intellect and our emotions. The position we may be in could require a difficult or painful decision to take back our power. We may not like the choices or the consequences, but there is a way out and if we don’t want to remain in a self-imposed prison we might have to make a hard choice in order to be free.

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the joyful, creative energy of the Three to lift our spirits and help find options to remove the roadblocks before us.

Today’s Crystals

Labradorite is the choice today for its ability to provide clarity of thought and courage to take back ones freedom from people who might manipulate us.

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