Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Leap of Faith

Faith is believing or trusting in something or someone without physical evidence that the risk we are taking is worth it. We take small leaps of faith everyday without being fully aware of it. We drive to work believing that we will get there safely. We walk alone on the street with a knowing that we will be alright. We allow our children their first steps toward independence, trusting that they will make good decisions. Faith is a fine cord that we hold onto tightly because sometimes faith is all we have.

The card that came up for us today is Leap of Faith, suggesting that today we may need to trust someone or take a risk without knowing what the outcome may be. This card usually indicates a transition period in life and that a leap of faith may be the best option right now. Rather than seeing what could go wrong, look at the opportunities the risk could bring. Don’t worry about making a mistake, life is full of them. If we do make one we have learned a lesson and we can try again. We know that doing nothing will get us nowhere, so the question is do we trust, do we have faith? Do we believe that our beloved family member or friend will get better? Do we hand over the car keys to our very eager new driver? Do we take a chance on a dream? Do we have faith that everything will be alright? The only way to find out is to take a deep breath and leap!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number is Seven. This number is the first of the spiritual numbers. The energy it will offer us today is contemplation. Seven seeks wisdom and knowledge. If we can manage it, some time alone may help us in making any decisions we that may be necessary today. Yes there are times that require taking a risk, but we can get the known variables straight in our head first.

Today’s Crystals

Tigers Eye is the crystal today. This stone is an ancient talisman used for protection and bravery. Being a type of quartz it clears negativity. Tigers eye will build confidence and help access inner wisdom.

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