Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Shift Your Energy

When an important event, like a vacation or a family celebration, is approaching we do what we can to be prepared for that moment. Maybe we would like to lose a few pounds so we look amazing on the beach or in family pictures. We usually have advance notice so there is plenty of time to get ready. Today’s card, Shift Your Energy, is advance notification that the winds of change are blowing. Perhaps you’ve felt something different in the air, many people have. In order to make room for the change that is coming we need to release the old and today is a good day to begin. Perhaps we can give clothes and other things we no longer use to a charity. Maybe it’s time to let go of thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. Is it time to get serious about taking better care of ourselves or finding a new job? We can also prepare by smudging both ourselves and our home, and by placing a piece of quartz in rooms that feel heavy or negative to release that old energy. As we approach the end of this year of letting go, we want to make sure we are ready for whatever the winds of change are bringing us. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is Three and we might be feeling very social today, but first we must stay focused and get down to business.

Today’s Crystals

For making changes in one’s life I chose Rutilated Quartz. This type of quartz will clear and protect against negative energy like all quartz does but this particular type helps us through transitions in life and helps us make needed changes.

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