Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Prosperity Begins

Hello everyone, I trust we are well today. Here we are again another week has flown by. The card that came for us today is, Prosperity Begins. This card brings a message of new beginnings and prosperity. We could soon see the seeds of our intention and the fruit of what we have been working for manifesting before our eyes. Our abundance could open to us from many sources like our hard work resulting in a pay raise, a new business opportunity or even an unexpected gift. Be grateful for the blessings we have and for those still on their way to us. Expect the best, see it, feel it, believe it, then live it! Have a wonderful week, be safe.

Today’s Universal Number 

The number for today is nine. This energy of this number is about and completionWe can use it to clear up any projects that are left incomplete so we are ready for the blessings coming our way.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading!
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