Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Trust Your Own Understanding

There are times when following the crowd would seem to make life easier. Going along with what everyone thinks means that we don’t have to question anything. There are no decisions to be made, we just have to follow. If anything goes wrong, well it’s not our fault, we were just doing as we were told. It kind of is our fault though, isn’t it? We should always ask ourselves whether what we are involved in is something we believe in, whether it is the right thing to do, or if the project or issue is moving along as planned. We may find ourselves asking this question today. Trust Your Own Understanding has come around again to tell us that we shouldn’t be afraid to be the voice of dissent today. If something doesn’t sit right with us, we should pay attention to our intuition and look into the situation to see what is going on. We could be involved in a project at work that is going off track or maybe something is going on with a family member or friend that isn’t right. Bringing the situation into the open is an opportunity to make corrections before it gets too far out of hand. If nobody wants to hear what we have to say, we know we did what was right and we can wait for the events to play out. The truth always finds its way to the surface.

Today’s Universal Number

We have the number One energy to help us through our day today. This energy is bold. Forge ahead and get things going. Be assertive, honest, take the lead and show everyone how things get done!

Today’s Crystals

I’ve chosen Carnelian for the courage to stand our ground, speak our truth and stick to our guns. It’s fiery red orange will give us the passion and the confidence to fight for what we believe to be true.

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