The Respect Award

by elementhealing


I would like to thank C from Happymeerkatreviews , she nominated me a week or so ago for the Respect Blog Award. I had thought I would get right to passing it along, but life gets busy. Not that this is any attempt at making an excuse. 🙂 If you have never checked out C’s blog I invite you to click the link above and do so. I enjoy her book reviews and poetry a great deal. I think you might as well.

Like all awards there are a couple of rules and here they are:

  • Place the award on your blog
  • Please thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the three questions
  • Nominate three bloggers to receive the award

The three questions are: 

  1. What does respect mean to you?
  2. Who do you respect the most?
  3. What do you respect most about yourself?

What does respect mean to you? 

To me respect is being the embodiment of our creator and that means honoring someone enough to accept their opinions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs even if they are not my own. Respect is taking time to not just listen to someones words, but to hear what is in their heart and understand what has been left unspoken. Respect is being thoughtful, kind and loving to everyone, even the people who are not displaying the same to me. Respect is doing the right thing because it is the right thing, not because I expect some kind of compensation.

Who do you respect the most? 

I respect many people and bloggers for many different reasons. People like Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) for risking everything to stand and fight for what they believe is right. I respect people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. I respect people who have a dream and don’t give up pursuit of it. I respect people who are afraid but don’t let fear stop them. I respect people with the courage to do what is right. I respect people with open minds and open hearts.  I respect people who can honestly forgive and not hold a grudge. I respect people with amazing talent that don’t let that gift go to their head. I respect people who are willing to help others. The blogosphere is full of people with these qualities. I love and respect you all.

What do I respect most about myself? 

I have to think about it.


This is the most difficult part of any award. There are so many people and their blogs that I respect and think are amazing. To only choose three is not at all an easy thing. So, if you want to participate you can feel free.  If you have been nominated please do not feel obligated to participate if would rather not. Some bloggers choose to be award free and that is perfectly fine. Just know you are loved and respected!

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