Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



There is nothing worse than feeling alone in a crowd. When the crowd is your family or friends the feeling cuts even deeper. Lives seem to get more and more busy. We barely have time to breathe, and when those we love run in and out without so much as “How are you?” we are left feeling like a piece of furniture. This is the message of today’s card, Attention. If we are feeling overlooked we should not be afraid to voice our need for a little time from those we love. Chances are the people we are needing some attention from are not aware of how we are feeling. They can’t be blamed for needs we have not made known. It might make us feel a little vulnerable to speak up but these are the people we love and trust, our feeling will be safe with them. We can make it fun by planning a picnic and sending out invitations to a “Remember Me” party. When the guests arrive, everyone can take turns catching up on their busy lives and we can let them know that all we want is for them to be happy but we would like to be a part of their lives too.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today we have the Master 11/2 energy to help us through the day. The 11/2 is an interesting mix of the numbers one and two. The one has a masculine assertive energy while two energy is feminine, intuitive. When combined we get the Master 11/2 energy melding these two energies. We will be feeling strong today, ready to dig into our lists of things to do. Our intuition is also strong today so paying attention to it will be important. 11/2 is the gateway so be prepared for some spiritual insights today.

Thank you BJ for your guest draw today!
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