Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Love Matters

Love is the point of everything and is the one constant in the universe. Every lesson we encounter during our time here is a reaction to some form of love being given or taken away. There will always be difficult things to get through, that is the way this plane works. Our job is to learn from these experiences and to open our hearts. Our ability to give or receive love begins within our hearts. We are all broken somehow, but if we can’t love who we are at our best and worst moments, how can we love anyone else? As we ride the roller coaster of emotion through our day lets consider what makes us happy, curling up with a good book, spending time surrounded by those we love, taking a walk. However we pamper ourselves, lets enjoy a little unconditional self love today because Love Matters and it begins with us. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number

We have a one day ahead of us today. A new beginning and we are ready for whatever challenges the brings. We are feeling strong, confident and are ready to take the lead in creating this day ahead.

Today’s Crystals

For unconditional love we have two excellent choices. Rose Quartz and Aventurine. Rose Quartz is the stone of love and allows both the giving and receiving of love. It also helps people love themselves and heal emotional wounds. Green is the color of the heart chakra and Aventurine is clears and activates this chakra, opening up our ability to love. It also protects the heart chakra.

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