Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Amplify your Positive Emotions

Have you ever noticed when someone is having a bad day, it flows out from them in waves effecting everyone? Before you know it anger, fear and frustration hangs thick in the air and nothing is going right. When thoughts and words become reality it is important to keep a positive attitude. This can be difficult to do some days and it’s the message of today’s card, Amplify Your Positive Emotion. Having a positive mindset is a choice. When everything seems to be falling apart around us we can either get angry and depressed or we can have faith that in spite of what is currently happening, everything is working out for our highest good. It may not seem like it in this moment but as we go through our day today, try to stay positive. Send out the energy of trust and faith, even if you can’t see it. Everything is going to be alright.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a three and this is an energy that is very creative, expressive and can be scattered. We may want to find someone we can talk to about our feelings to help us sort out where we go from here.

Today’s Crystals

For getting rid of negativity we have two different types of quartz, Citrine and Chlorite Included Quartz. Both these crystals work to remove negative energy. Citrine has an energy of joy and releases anger. Chlorite included quartz is a powerful healing crystal that removes negativity of all kinds.

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