Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Good morning everyone. I trust you had a wonderful week with no setbacks to deal with. Today’s card is Patience, and it’s coming to tell us that today we may need a little time, planning and self control.  We need to understand that some things require time to manifest into the completed form we envision. Our card today also speaks of personal balance and relationships. When our inner and outer lives are in order we are more able to adapt to new situations and work in a harmonious way with others. We all have something to learn from each other. With a little time and patience we can turn a roadblock into a green flag to move forward. Have a good day, be safe, see you all next Monday!

Today’s Universal Number 

The energy we have today is five. This is a number that can be unpredictable and we might be feeling a restless desire to get going, anywhere. Today is about patience and balance though, so let’s harness this energy to our advantage.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading!
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