Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Seven of Wands

Just about everyone has experienced some kind of envy. Maybe we have looked at a neighbors car or someones big beautiful house and wished it was ours, or been a little jealous of a coworker’s success. It seems that no matter what there is always someone who wants what we have, and our card, the Seven of Wands is here to tell us we might be dealing with a little envy and competition today. We have achieved a certain level of success in our jobs or personal lives and people have taken notice. Like it or not we might be put into a situation where we will need to defend what we have achieved. The good thing is, we have the higher ground. We have the skills and experience that only time and hard work has gives, so victory is pretty much guaranteed but we can be gracious about it. Rather than turning our competitor into and enemy, we can become a mentor and gain a friend. Have a pleasant day!

Today’s Universal Number

We start the month of November with a three day and the energy of the day will come in handy. This is a number that is creative, expressive and optimistic. These are all things that will let our talents shine today.

Today’s Crystal

For self-assurance and confidence gold is the best choice. Crystals that are a beautiful golden color are just what is needed today and I chose Citrine for its boost of quartz energy and the confidence that comes along with it. Citrine is known as the success stone, so carrying one will help bring positive outcomes. In ancient times merchants put a piece in their cash box to draw money in.

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