Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



We all, occasionally, hold a fear that we aren’t making the right decisions. We want to know we are being guided and that everything will be alright. Today’s card, Illumination, is here to tell us we can be certain we are being guided. We may find ourselves in situations today that make us question our ability to see where we are headed clearly, making us unsure of what to do. Our guides are always with us, giving us direction and guidance. If we hold onto belief in ourselves, our experience, skill and talent the fog of worry and fear will dissipate, reveling the clarity we are looking for. When we believe in our goals we plant a seed that will in time produce fruit. Instead of doubting our decisions and holding fear in our hearts today, know we are being guided. Our intuition is evidence of this guidance. Trust it and believe. Have a good one!

Today’s Universal Number

The first Friday of November and it is a six day. This is a number that focuses on people and creating a harmonious environment where ever we may be. We want to be comfortable both at work and home and know that everyone else is too. This number is loyal, idealistic and devoted. these are wonderful characteristics to help us through out day.

Today’s Crystals

I chose lithium Quartz for it’s ability to release fear. Being Quartz it also holds all of this crystals fabulous characteristics making it all the more wonderful. This is a calming, healing crystal that gives a sense of peace and harmony. You must be careful though because it does have lithium in it.

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