Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Leap of Faith

The idea of change exhilarates some and sends others running in fear. Some people would rather stay comfortably in a unfulfilling life than take a risk that could transform everything for the better. Leap of Faith came to tell us that we might need or want to take a risk today. It could be a little step or something life altering, but for us it will mean stepping out of our comfort zone. We are living in a time of transition, things are moving quickly. Taking a chance and knowing the possible outcome is one thing but when we cannot see clearly what a change may bring, that is another thing entirely.

Taking this chance is probably the best option right now. It will require courage. Let go of fear and know that we have the knowledge necessary to make a go of it. We will have to listen to our intuition and believe that success and happiness is on the other side of this leap. Of course there is the possibility that something might go wrong. Remember though, that failure only happens when we quit trying. If things are not going as planned, make a correction and keep going. A bright future is always worth a leap of faith. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

It’s very interesting that Leap of Faith came to us on a number one day. It hints that after today nothing will be the same. We have a new beginning, so let’s be be brave and blaze ourselves some trails!

Today’s Crystals

It’s always difficult to choose just the right crystal. I settled on Rutilated Quartz because it helps us see truth. Whether it is the truth of a situation or our personal truth, this crystal will open it up for us. Then when we can see clearly rutilated quartz will help us release our fear and get moving.

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