Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Spirit of Water

Every once in a while we need a day that is about self care and today’s card Spirit of Water is here to tell us this is one of those day’s. Water is the element of emotion and cleansing. We all have things to do, lists to work our way through, but whatever we are doing today, we need to listen to our feelings and what they are telling us. Let them flow, communicate our thoughts in a loving way, rather than holding them in. Listen to our intuition and believe in our dreams. This is a day to let people know what we need and how we feel. It’s a day to pamper ourselves a bit so let our inner child out and allow them to play, or take a nice long bath, or a walk. However we each choose to focus on self love, enjoy!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have a master number day of 22/4, but beyond that it has another important factor, that is the fact that it is November 11. When we see elevens it is the Divine telling us to stay positive and to communicate what we need. Both these numbers today make this a powerful day. In numerology the 11/2 is the open gate and 22/4 is the master builder. With both of these happening today means anything is possible. Communicate what you need to your angels and to whomever you call God and stay positive. Believe that it’s possible!

Today’s Crystals 

Since we are dealing with emotion and self care today I chose Amethyst and Flourite to help us work through and clear anything we are dealing with. Both are calming and release negative energy, helping us to lift our vibration and see things more clearly.

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