Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Medicine Bag

As my son was growing I would tell him “Have fun, be careful and make smart choices.” as he left to go to school or to spend time with friends. I fully expected him to do reckless things, young people do, I certainly did. I also knew he needed to learn when a risk was worth taking and that can only be done by learning from the occasional bad choice. We must all be willing to take a risk, but having the good judgment to know when is vital. Today’s card Medicine Bag came to tell us that our inner power is growing and we must take a step back to protect it and let it grow. We shouldn’t rush into making important decisions today. If it doesn’t feel right, pay attention to that intuitive knowing and hold back, wait to see what happens before making a final decision. There is a time to let our light shine brightly and a time to protect ourselves and be careful who we allow to see our true self. Today we watch and learn.

Members of native cultures often carry a medicine bag for protection, personal power as well as a way to maintain a connection to the creator. In the bag are items that empower the individual and allow them to keep the line of communication with the divine open. The bag is a personal, sacred thing and not worn openly. Instead it is concealed under another garment or kept in a sacred place. What would you put in your medicine bag?

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is perfect. We have a five day reaching out helping us to be flexible and choose wisely. This is also a number that likes variety and fun, so go out today have fun, be careful and make smart choices! 

Today’s Crystals

There are many crystals to choose from when looking to protect ourselves and our personal power. I choose Snowflake Obsidian today for its ability to balance us body, mind and spirit. This is a crystal that is grounding and protective.

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