Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Owl Medicine

I have mentioned before that when there is a repeating theme in the tarot, that it is something to pay attention to. Sometimes a message takes time to unfold. We are given pieces of information in increments so we can understand and not be overwhelmed. We’ve had several cards recently discussing truth in some aspect. This indicates that we are on the edge of a personal revelation that could, perhaps, change everything for us. Today’s card, Owl Medicine, is here with the message to go within. The owl is an ancient symbol of insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is also a symbol of release. In order to gain wisdom and heal we must be willing to let go of those things that no longer serve our highest good. Whether it be thought patterns, anger, resentment or pain. We cannot move forward if we won’t let go of the past.

It is interesting that this card chose us on the edge of a full moon, a time of release. Let’s honor ourselves today by taking some time to go within. I was showing BJ this deck the other day and he pointed out the shape of the owls head. The shape of a heart, a heart with eyes to see the truth. Our personal truth is there for us if we allow our hearts to speak.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a six, this is a very nurturing number. Today we will be focused on creating harmony in our lives. Making sure those we love are safe and happy.

Today’s Crystals 

For truth, wisdom and release we have Moonstone. This lovely feldspar has a calming energy that is both protective and insightful. when used as a meditation aid it draws us inward and helps retrieve our inner wisdom.

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