Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Sweat Lodge

Did you see the full moon? It was beautiful. The full moon begins us a period of release. A time, once a month, to take stock and let go of those things that no longer serve our highest good. Our card today is continuing that thought. Sweat Lodge invites us to enter and purify our lives. The message is that it’s time to clear out the cutter. Are their negative beliefs holding you back? Is their a habit that you’ve been wanting to quit? Are there clothes or other items around your home that aren’t being used but still in good condition? Gather them up and take them to a local charity and be a blessing to someone in need. We get so comfortable that the thought of letting go can be scary. But when we let go, we make room in our lives for growth and new beginnings. Have a wonderful day!

Today’s Universal Number

Universally today is an eight day and a perfect number to accompany today’s card. Eight is a powerful, highly ordered and disciplined number. Let’s set our minds to business and get to it.

Today’s Crystal

Flourite is a good choice when it comes to clearing things from our lives. It gives us clarity to see and understand what needs to be changed as well as the focus and organization to get it done.

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