Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Walking in Beauty

When one thinks about walking in beauty, the mind goes to beautiful places like forests, mountains, the beach or a park. These are, without a doubt, places of beauty but how often do we associate that short phrase with us? Today’s card, Walking in Beauty, chose us to say we are beautiful as well. Inside and out. No matter how old we are, each of us radiates our uniqueness to the world. We need to embrace those parts of ourselves that we see as a faults. Stop speaking negatively about our bodies, it is those things that we may not like that make us who we are. The more we can see beauty about and within ourselves, the more in balance we will be. That Balance will bring each of us to a place of harmony where, like nature, we will walk in beauty.

Today’s Universal Number 

We are kicking it up a notch today. It’s the master number energy of 11/2 for today and we might find ourselves looking within and searching for a new level of spiritual truth. Our intuition will be strong today, so pay attention to your inner knowing.

Today’s Crystals

The Jasper family is a very earth based crystal. They each connect us to the earth energy. I chose Mookaite Jasper for today because it has a strong steady positive energy. It energizes the Chi allowing us to be more present. To connect to our beauty as well as the earth.

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