Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Sweat Lodge

It always surprises me when a card comes back around to pay another visit. It shouldn’t of course, but it does. Sweat Lodge was here just five days ago to tell us we were in a time of release. She has returned to let us know there is work yet to be done. We must each ask ourselves what it is we are hanging onto that we would be better off without. But letting go can be difficult can’t it, even when we know a relationship, a habit, a life style, or a job is not good for us. Let’s spend some time in the Sweat Lodge of our mind and heart today. Get down deep in order to purify our lives as this year of endings and letting go comes to a close.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number is four and there is work to be done. This is a number of getting organized and getting down to the business at hand. We may find ourselves in a no-nonsense frame of mind that is totally ready to roll up the sleeves and get busy.

Today’s Crystals

For clarity Flourite is always an excellent choice. There are others of course like Clear Quartz, Citrine or Sodalite, but today we have Clear Flourite. This is a crystal that is excellent when you want purification and order in your life. It helps remove any confusion we may have and bring harmony to our lives.

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