Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



Some people have this natural ability to take charge. They radiate an inner confidence and wisdom that commands respect without being boastful. People are drawn to them when there is a problem because they seem to always know just what to say and do. The Elder chose us and it brings the message to step up and own your power today. There may be comfort in the shadows but don’t be afraid to step into the light and speak your truth, even if it is hard. There is nothing wrong with going along with the flow, but life sometimes requires taking a stand. It’s time to make it. Whether it is in your family, at work or for a cause you feel strong about. Step up and get involved be the teacher, the voice of reason, the leader. Be the beacon to follow but remember that a good leader supports and serves others. So be that person and help where you can. If you’ve wronged someone, apologize and make it right. It’s a huge step, but you can handle it. Have a great day.

Today’s Universal Number

How appropriate that this card would choose us on an eight day. Allow today’s energy to give you confidence, help organize and lead where necessary.

Today’s Crystals

As I was thinking about the different characteristics of a leader and the crystals that would help support those aspects I chose six that I think would work well. I chose Rose Quartz because a leader must hold a space of love for those he or she leads. Lapis Lazuli for truth and good communication. Citrine for creativity and joy. Carnelian for the passion, motivation and endurance needed for the position and it’s responsibilities. Amethyst for a sense of inner peace and spiritual insight and finally Tekite for wisdom and the ability to see the truth in a situation.

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