Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



When you’re a child one of the best things about large family gatherings is listening to the youthful adventures of the adults. They were so full of daring and romance, you couldn’t help but hope your own life would be so exciting one day. Our card today is Storyteller. It came to encourage us to be a hero in the movie of our lives rather than a bit player. Live your life to your drummer, not someone else’s. Not every experience will be larger than life of course and not all turn out the way we would like, but how we choose to perceive these events will determine whether they will empower or defeat us. Choose to see the positive in every situation, even if it’s difficult at first. It will keep you center stage and moving forward. Stretch yourself today, do something different, be willing to take a risk. Will it be successful? Maybe not, but it will be a learning experience to grow from. Maybe one day it will be an exciting story to inspire the next generation. Have a great day.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a nine day today. Another cycle has come to a close and we are wrapping things up today in preparation for a new beginning tomorrow.

Today’s Crystals

For the self-confidence to live life to its fullest we have Carnelian for its ability to keep us determined and in the game. Citrine to keep us positive and help remove negative energy. Aventurine to bring new opportunities. Turquoise for its ability to keep one in a positive mind-set and Rose Quartz to help us love ourselves enough to take a chance.

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