Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Circle of Life

Life is not a straight line from birth to death. It is a circle of beginnings and endings that lead us along a path of lessons from youth to old age. When we have learned the final lesson, we go home. The Circle of Life card chose us today and asks that we honor the circle of our lives. Stand in your center today and acknowledge the beginnings and endings you have experienced. Accept that the joys and pain of the past have taught us something important and have made us strong, wise and capable people. There is still a path to follow and more lessons to learn. Don’t worry, there will be happiness and disappointment along the way but, be open to possibility, things are about to change.

Today’s Universal Number

December first, wow! And we start out this final month of this year with a four day. There is work to be done so let’s use today’s energy help us be organized, focused and determined to get it done!

Today’s Crystals

For self acceptance and to help us find balance and harmony in our lives I chose Moonstone today. This is a wonderful crystal for calming and giving us clarity. It will enhance intuition which helps us make the correct choices for our future.

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