Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Circle of Life ~ Offerings

We had two cards come for us today. The first is yesterdays, Circle of Life coming back and the second card is Offerings. This card is about the sacredness of nature and giving thanks daily for its gifts to us. Life, all life is sacred and this is today’s message. We must honor our lives everyday and understand that our life is also as sacred as the earth, that air and the sky. The cards ask us how we respect this life. Do we love ourselves enough to eat healthy food? Do we honor our life by getting enough rest and exercise? Do we spend time connecting with nature and nurturing our spiritual being? Remember today that you have value, you are unique and have something to offer the world. Not just today, but everyday, even on the days when we don’t feel like we do anything right. Honor yourself today  ❤

Today’s Universal Number 

Today is a five day and with it comes the need to be adaptable. Anything can happen when the energy of the five is flowing. Be ready for things to change quickly and have fun. Five loves to experience new things and celebrate life. So have some fun, do something new and different!

Today’s Crystals

I gave quite a bit of thought about which crystals I would choose today and settled on a couple of my favorites, of course. I chose Rose Quartz to help us truly love and honor our lives, Aventurine to help us let go of any negativity that we are hanging onto and Moonstone to help us make any changes to our lives that need to be done in order to help us grow.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.