Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



There is a reason for everything. No matter how difficult or frustrating a situation is, there is something to learn and wisdom to be gained from life’s experiences. It may not be seen right away, but in time the discernment comes and we see how the event helped us grow. Native cultures often called upon their ancestors for support and guidance. The Ancestors card chose us and brings the message that no matter how unsettling our lives may be today, we are loved, supported and are being guided. The wisdom of the ancestors is always available, all we have to do is ask, then watch for the signs and synchronicities around us for the answer to our prayer.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is a seven day and we may want to give ourselves a time out to regroup. Spend some time meditating, go for a walk. When we are centered and grounded we will be able to handle anything that comes at us.

Today’s Crystals

To see the wisdom of a situation and be able to incorporate that knowledge in to our lives in a way that benefits us I chose Lapis Lazuli and Emerald. The emerald is a stone of wisdom. It will help us open our mind to see the bigger picture of a situation and see the truth. It is a good stone to carry with you when going into group meetings. It is also a good stone to sleep with under your pillow. Doing this helps us gain wisdom and guidance while we sleep. Lapis Lazuli is another good choice for gaining the truth of a situation. It has been highly prized for its beauty and the wisdom it brings.

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