Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Throat Chakra

Hello and good morning everyone. The card that came for us today is Throat Chakra. This card is about communication, connecting with your higher self, your feelings and speaking your truth. There most certainly can be days where we find it hard to speak up about something that is important to us. Maybe we don’t want to hurt the feelings of someone we care about so we keep quiet or it could be we don’t think speaking up about an issue is going to accomplish anything worthwhile, so we don’t. On the other side of this is the person we know that is a verbal volcano. Bless their heart, we love them but they are just always taking. Both of these situations are indications that the throat chakra might not be clear or balanced and both leave people wanting their thoughts and feelings validated.

Sometimes finding your voice isn’t easy but in those times we do and nobody hears, it hurts. So depending on the situation today, actions can speak louder than our words. When speaking up may not the best option in that moment, maybe walking away is. Everyone deserves to be heard and understood but knowing when to speak your truth and when to keep quiet can get us farther down the road to being understood. Have a wonderful week and be safe.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy number is eight. This number is all about balance and power. Let’s use these qualities today to help us find our voice and to understand when the best time is to use it. Speak your truth today.

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