Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Tribal Spirit Dancer

Life is like a dance. We spend years worried about people thinking we aren’t moving right. Eventually we learn that we are meant to discover who we are by experimenting with the music of our heart, taking chances, failing sometimes then trying again. The beauty of this dance is that we are free to make choices that lead us to the revelation of who we are. Not who we are expected to be and this is the message of today’s card, Tribal Spirit Dancer.  When we live life according to the expectations of others, we aren’t being true to ourselves. We go day after day working, paying the bills and dreaming of what could be if we spoke up or took a chance and broke out of the neatly organized boxes that life puts us in. Life can be messy, scary, chaotic and full of the unexpected, but that is perfectly alright. Step out of your box today, crank the music, dance, do something unexpected and fun. You may find that you like the music and don’t want to turn it off! Have a great day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number 

We have a nine today and we are finishing up some things and getting ready for a new cycle tomorrow. A perfect day to stop dancing to someone else’s drummer.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s card is about transforming our thoughts and our lives. So I chose Amethyst and Moldavite. Both are very good crystals to help us do this. Amethyst, being a type of quartz, transmutes energy. So when you put a strong intention into the crystal it will begin making that thought into your reality. Just be sure it’s truly what you want. Moldavite is a very high energy and powerful crystal. It will work hard and fast to bring change.

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