Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Seven of Swords ~ Reversed

So many emotions come to the surface when you are looking down the path to a goal. It’s exciting, intimidating, scary and there may be a few doubts about whether the goal can be reached. There is, though, one thing that’s certain. If we don’t take that first step and keep taking the next, we will never know and the end of the path will never be found. This is the message of today’s card, the reversed Seven of Swords. This suit of swords is about thought, choices and breaking free. If you are going to find a dream that may be lost in the land of “If” today, action must be taken on a couple of points. First, is the decision to get moving. Sitting on the fence and looking down the road is easy and safe but gets you nowhere and that’s fine if the status quo is what you want. Taking action is scary and won’t be easy but in the end it’s worth it. The other thing is the roadblocks we place in our way, the fear, the doubt, the negative beliefs heaped on you from childhood. You can let them continue to stop you cold, or they can smashed under your feet on the way down the path. Do the planning needed to get going, get advice from people you trust. Then start smashing! Have a pleasant day.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s universal number is a two and this number is the beginning of duality, good and bad, love and hate. We might need to be polite and diplomatic in order to keep things running smoothly today.

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