Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Talking Stick

I love the idea of a talking stick. In Native American culture, a decorated stick is used during tribal meetings as way for everyone to have the opportunity to be heard. When the talking stick is passed to you, you had the floor and the chance to speak from your heart about the issue at hand. Everyone else is tasked to listen with their heart and not speak. Speaking your truth is the message of today’s card, Talking Stick. It isn’t always easy to talk about things that are bothering us. We might not feel the time is right to discuss a matter. Being discerning is important and sometimes talking about it later is a good idea. Sometimes we don’t want to hurt the feelings of someone we care deeply for so we pack our feelings away and let it be. Today we may not be able to do that. It might be time to speak your truth. Don’t hesitate, speak from your heart. When done from a place of respect and love, healing can happen. Have a great day.

Today’s Universal Number

Buckle up everyone we have another Universal Five day. This number is about flexibility and variety and fun. Be ready for anything today, because things can change quickly today.

Today’s Crystals

For communication we want crystals that resonate with our throat chakra. This color is blue, and of course there are many wonderful choices but I chose Lapis Lazuli. This is an interesting crystal because it contains four others. It gets its beauty from Lazurite, Pyrite, Sodalite and Calcite. It’s just a gorgeous high energy crystal of truth that helps us speak with wisdom and good judgment.

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