Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Vision Quest

Vision Quest has come back for a visit. The idea of a vision quest is interesting. In the cultures of some native tribes young men would be sent out into the wild for a few days, or weeks. During this time alone the young man would seek a vision of his future life and place within the community. Our card is not suggesting that we embark on a journey into the woods to answer any burning questions we may have today, that won’t be necessary. When this card chooses us it is a call take time away from the noise of life to clear our head and listen to our heart. We might not have any huge issues beyond the normal work and life stuff going on but don’t be rushed into a decision today. If your intuition is saying slow down, do it and take a short vision quest, you will find the answer there.

Today’s Universal Number

We have a seven day today. Seven is the first of the numbers that take us to a higher plane. She seeks knowledge, wisdom and insight. Our card today is vision quest and seeks the same thing. I love the synchronicity and the confirmation to take the time, go within and enjoy the discovery!

Today’s Crystals

For seeking insight, intuition and inspiration what could be better than Amethyst! This crystal will help with these and so much more. She will help you calm down and find the answers you need. This is a good third eye and crown chakra choice as well as a wonderful crystal to meditate with.

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