Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Nature Spirits

Relax, sometimes easier said than done, but it is the message of today’s card. Stop the negative thoughts, Nature Spirits is back for another visit to tell us that everything is going to be alright. There are things going on in the background today that we may not be aware of and when all is said and done it will go well for us. So relax and keep doing your best. Let yourself be happy and confident, knowing you have the skills to create your future and that the universe is working everything out.

Today’s Universal Number

We start out another cycle today. The one energy is strong, confident and focused on the job at hand. If we are feeling a little vulnerable today, embrace that feeling and let it go. Be confident and immerse yourself in what you are doing. The details will work themselves out.

Today’s Crystals 

I thought Amethyst and Citrine would be perfect for today. Amethyst has a wonderful calming nature and Citrine allows you to be joyful.

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