Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Eagle Medicine

An eagle soaring high on a warm air current is a truly breathtaking sight. The eagle is a highly sacred bird to many native cultures for its fierceness, focus, energy and ability to soar high in the sky. These characteristics are part of today’s message from Eagle Medicine. This card chose us to say that a new level of courage and energy is coming into our lives that will enable us to face our fears and get beyond them. We must ask ourselves what is it that holds us back. Do we fear the opinions of others? Are we afraid that we don’t have the strength to stand up for ourselves or others? Or perhaps we are reluctant to take a chance? Don’t allow the Ego to judge or ridicule these feelings. They are a personal truth that needs to be healed and left behind. Eagle Medicine is here to tell us we do have the strength to vanquish any kind of roadblock. All we have to do is let our hearts cry soar into the sky and know that help is on its way back upon the wings of an Eagle.

Today’s Universal Number

Three is the number of the day and we might be feeling a little scattered. Staying focused will help us accomplish all the things we have to do and maybe we can have some fun too. Get creative, do something different. Invite some friends over for an impromptu beach party, take a drive to see the Christmas lights or go to the mall and people watch!  Whatever it is, have a good one.

Today’s Crystals

To feel safe and get beyond fear I chose Snowflake Obsidian and Amethyst. Obsidian has a very grounding and protective energy that will make you feel safe. Amethyst’s energy is calming and will help you find courage when you need it.

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