Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Warrior of the Heart

Being brave, taking that first step isn’t always easy, but it is what our card is asking of us today. Warrior of the Heart is here to tell us that today is not the day to be timid and stand in the shadows. We have the courage of our beliefs so step up, live from you heart and speak your truth. Remember that the bravest person is not the one that has the most wins. The bravest person is the one who is so confident that an enemy is not willing to fight. There are times when life requires us to step back and times when walking away is the best choice, but that is not today. Don’t allow limiting beliefs, whether they are yours or someone else’s, to stop you today. It’s OK to be afraid, it’s natural to want to protect ourselves, but take the step anyway. Speak up anyway. Do the right thing anyway. Fearless means fear less. Take a deep breath and do it. Our courage may inspire someone else to also be courageous.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is an eight day and this energy of power, confidence and authority will come in handy. Eight also seek balance and the rule of cause and effect. What goes around comes around.

Today’s Crystals

For courage, Carnelian is a great go to crystal to help overcome fear and anxiety. I also chose Pyrite today. This is a crystal that is often overlooked. It is thought of as fools gold and that is all it is, but it has much to offer. Pyrite will help aleve anxiety and is also a good crystal to use for protection. If someone is trying to learn to handle money well, pyrite will help you be mindful of how and where you spend.

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