Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Ancient Forest

As humans we often look at what we lack rather than what we have. It’s kind of a skewed way of looking at life, isn’t it? Instead of seeing success and happiness we experience doubt and fear, with this any forward movement is pretty much quashed. Today’s card, Ancient Forest is here to remind us that we are pure potential. The mighty old tress of the world began as a small seed. When that seed hit the ground it didn’t worry that it was so small it couldn’t amount to anything. It looked up and saw the sky, then reached for it! Our card chose us today to tell us, that like the small seed, we are so much more than we can imagine. Do not doubt your abilities today. Know you are grounded, loved and supported. So go ahead, believe you can and reach for the sky.

Today’s Universal Number

We have found our way back to a nine day, the cycle is complete and we will have things to finish up in preparation for tomorrow. Nine is also a number of compassion and can be a little indulgent as it holds the energy of the three and six.

Today’s Crystals

I chose three crystals for today. Carnelian for courage, Turquoise to help rid ourselves of doubt and hematite for grounding.

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