Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Third Eye Chakra

Good Morning Everyone. I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas. The card that came for us today is Third Eye Chakra which is located between our eyes and just above the bridge of our nose. The third eye chakra is the doorway to our higher consciousness. Through this door we are able to connect to our wisdom, insight, angels and whatever we call God. If we are not feeling connected to our inner guidance today there are ways we can balance this. Take a walk outdoors and breathe in fresh air, meditate, or listen to music.  It is in these moments we will reconnect to our higher selves. Be safe and see you all next week.

Today’s Universal Number

 The Energy number for today the master number is 11/2.  This is an energy that combines both the masculine and feminine energy of 1 and 2. Let’s use this wonderful energy today to re balance ourselves and listen to our guidance.

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