Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Sweat Lodge

I love the card that chose us today, we are ending 2016 with Sweat Lodge and we are having a final clearing of those things that do not serve our highest good. In Native American culture the sweat lodge is a place for ceremonial purification and communion with the divine. Our card asks us to take some time today to meditate, give thanks for the lessons we’ve had this year and do one last review in order to let go of the mental clutter that doesn’t help us grow. We can ask ourselves whether we have any habits that are not allowing us to be the person we want to be? Do we have negative thought patterns built up that need to go? Are we hanging onto fear, anger or judgment? Clearing this type of low energy will help us move forward into a new year ready to hit the ground running and it will help us hear our guidance more clearly. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s Universal Number is seven and a wonderful number to end the year with. Seven is a number that seek wisdom; It’s analytical, introspective and intuitive. This energy used well today will help us release and move forward.

Today’s Crystals 

Like always there are many crystals that will give us clarity and help us recognize those thing we no longer need to hang into, but I chose Clear Flourite because the flourite family is a good choice when seeking clarity for a situation. Aquamarine has a nice soothing energy that helps us move past fear and clear clutter in our past. The final choice is Hematite is a beautiful crystal that is grounding, protective and give us the ability to put our thought in order and logically chose the next best thing to do.

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